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The Woosical team has created this family musical while working their "real" jobs and raising families.  It has been a difficult road at times, but the creative team is passionate about the show and have seen first hand how the rich characters created by Andi Green positively impact children of all ages.  If you would like to help support the team in their efforts to bring these characters to a larger audience please consider a donation to Woosical Productions, LLC.  Every donation, be it $1 or $1000, is important and will be greatly and genuinely appreciated.  Some say that theatre and the fine arts are a luxury; something not necessary in an economy that seems to be struggling:  but for the WooCrew, theatre for young children and families is an opportunity to educate our community about emotional well-being creating happy-healthy children and adults!  So help us Start Spreading' the Woos!

Make checks payable to:

Woosical Productions, LLC

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Woosical has been a labor of love for this close-knit creative team since 2010 when Kristen Tumminello found the WorryWoo book series by Andi Green in a local store in Huntsville, AL.  After reading the book series, Kristen was sure that the characters, all of them cute cuddly monsters, needed to be brought to life on the stage.  Upon meeting the author and talking through the possibility of collaboration, there was no doubt that Woosical was on its way.  Kristen, Kelley Birney and Jay Tumminello worked through the five books within the series and developed a unified musical theatre production incorporating all of the main characters.  The full-length adaptation was produced for a short run in Huntsville, AL in September of 2013 to sold out crowds.

For Woosical Junior:  The Story of Rue, however, the creative team is primarily focusing on one character:  Rue, the monster of insecurity.  Rue is insecure about his physical appearance and continually looks for ways to improve himself.  Within the play Rue learns through interactions with Mr. Worm, a wise librarian, and Ruthy, a girl monster that looks almost identical to Rue, that the important things are what we hold inside, not our physical appearance.  To love oneself is the overriding theme throughout the production.

Personal insecurity is a theme that resonates with everyone to some degree, whether it be physical, intellectual or emotional.  The connection that most feel with this theme is what will make this production a success at the New York Musical Theatre Festival.  It is the hope of the creative team and Andi Green, author, to encourage others to "Brush off the Worry" and believe in themselves.  Through up beat musical numbers and poignant dialogue, children and adults alike will leave the theatre feeling great about themselves and will be better equipped to handle some of the challenges that life can throw their way.

The Woo Crew,

Kristen Tumminello

Kelley Birney

Jay Tumminello

Andi Green