Rue in Times Square,   2015!

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Woosical Productions, LLC

The Nose That Didn't Fit

How You can Help Woosical Keep "movin' right along"

First, we appreciate your interest in our show.  It is an exciting time in the life of this creation and without the support of our family and friends we could have never gotten this far.  Second, we have been completely blown away by the many people that have come forward to help Spread the Woos!  However, there is more work to be done; all of which takes financial support as well as the wonderful emotional support we have been gifted. Not only are we raising funds to take the show back to NYC, but we are planning some new endeavors as well.  In the not so distant future, dates TBD, we will be heading into the recording studio.  We have had so much interest in the music from the show that we feel the time is right to record.  We are also currently working to develop some tools for teachers and counselors that will help them in their daily lives with their children/students.  In our effort to keep SPREADIN' THE WOOS! we will do our best to be good stewards of all of the donations given to our mission.  The WooCrew will continue to serve the children and families of your communities and help them to EMBRACE THEIR INNER WOO!  

Thank you,

The Woo Crew

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